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Páginas <3

Haters gonna hate bitches~ We love Nadeko <3

We love Nadeko <3

haters gonna hate~

I swear on Emma Swan.


"How am I supposed to trust a man who no longer believes in love?" 

"I still do.

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🐍 Otorimonogatari:  Nadeko Medusa

There are a lot of difficult things in the world, things that won’t go as you want or that you don’t like, things that make you worry endlessly, things that you thought were normal that come crashing down without a sound, things that you thought you could rely on turning out to be unreliable, things that quickly tire your body and mind, wearing them out completely and making you want to just fall down and not get back up, but if there is someone beside you, you can always stand up, and move on. Even when you feel like crying. Love can bring a smile to your face.


Quick sketch of Sengoku Nadeko [medusa] from Otorimonogatari. It’s amaziing.

Nadeko is my spirit animal *//v//* [dunno for Nadeko Medusa tho XDDD]




We’ve all lost someone.

Hershel Greene in ”A” aka I’m in pain